Big Data e intelligenza artificiale

Highlander | HIGH performance computing to support smart LAND sERvices

The overarching goal of HIGHLANDER is to support a smarter (environmental and economically sustainable) management of lands in their mosaic of natural resources, land uses, sectors, human activities and assets, while also
reducing risks and taking opportunities posed by climate change and its variability.

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IoTwins | Distributed Digital Twins for industrial SMEs: a big-data platform

IoTwins aims at enabling SMEs in the manufacturing and facility management/service sectors to access edge-enabled and cloud-based big-data analysis services to create hybrid digital companions to improve their production process and optimize the management of their facilities. 

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Science | Business

ART-ER is a member of Science|Business, a networking organisation founded in 2004 to air new policies and promote partnerships in science and technology. 

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